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Charlotte Mason Simple Languages

Spanish 2 Tue_Thu 10amCT

Spanish 2 Tue_Thu 10amCT

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Is your child ready to take the next step in their Spanish language adventure? Introducing Spanish 2 Online Classes at Simple Languages Online Academy – the perfect continuation of our immersive language learning experience!

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 10:00 am to 10:30 am CT

Tailored for children aged 7 years and older, Spanish 2 builds upon the foundational skills learned in Spanish 1, offering a seamless transition to more vocabulary. While maintaining the same engaging activities and interactive approach as Spanish 1, this course introduces a wealth of new vocabulary each day, ensuring that your child's language repertoire continues to expand with every lesson.

Just like Spanish 1, our experienced native-speaking teachers lead dynamic classes filled with daily conversations, folk songs, interactive games, and cultural exploration. From mastering basic greetings to delving into more complex topics, your child will thrive in an environment that nurtures their curiosity and enthusiasm for language learning.

We will use the Spanish 2 program for this class, you can see a sample here.

Spanish 2 Online Classes are designed to accommodate learners of all abilities, making them perfect for students who have completed Spanish 1 or older students who can handle more new vocabulary each class. Whether your child is new to Spanish or seeking to build upon existing skills, our classes provide the perfect balance of challenge and support to ensure their success.

Join us on this exciting language learning journey and watch as your child's confidence and proficiency in Spanish soar to new heights! Enroll today to secure your child's spot in our upcoming Spanish 2 Online Classes at Simple Languages Academy.

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