Our Spring Book List

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We started hearing the birds singing beautifully in our trees, now is time for us to put away the winter books and get our Spring books! This is a list of the Spanish books that I will be reading to my girls this Spring, I hope you enjoy it and find some new books for your family! These Spring Spanish books are, imo the best Spring Spanish books there are. Some are great for all seasons, but we will be reading them during this Spring.

A beautifully written living book that will teach your child about nature during the Springtime: 

This book is a great reference guide type book about insects, their anatomy, habitats, names, types of insects and more: A living book about a girl doing a school project: to raise a monarch caterpillar: A great living book about how the seed grows, it also talks about the experiment of growing a bean in an eggshell to see what happens with the roots and seedling. you can find a few read aloud videos of the English version of this if you'd like to know what the book talks about before you buy it: This must be one of the sweetest Spanish books I've ever read. Although this would be great for any season, the cover makes it perfect for my Spring bookshelf. This book is full of sweet ways to call your little one, like "rayito de sol" (sunshine). You can find read aloud videos of this book both of the English and of the Spanish version on YouTube. This is the perfect book to cuddle up with your little one and read it together: This book is about an adventure that the donkey goes through during the Spring and other animals coming together to help: Not my favorite cover but the book itself is SO GOOD! This is a living book to learn about the soil (dirt and sand) and what is it made of. It comes with Experiments for your child to see the different parts of the soil separate!: This book has a poem for each day of Spring with the date on each page: This are all great guides with gorgeous illustrations. Almost each page is one big illustration, common name, scientific name and some other characteristics. The author is from Spain so you might learn about new plants, and again, the illustrations are BEAUTIFUL: Same type of book but this one is about birds: This is the translated version of a classic book about a bunny that describes the seasons: A beautiful book about the journey of a boy and his garden through the seasons: Super simple board book about the changes during Spring: A sweet and fund story of a bunnies family in the foresthaving a Spring celebration. Written in simple but beautiful Spanish: A living book of Lola's journey learning to grow a garden: A super simple and very short story of a boy and what he sees and hears during the Spring: A very sweet story of a bear that wants to fly and his friends all coming together to help him achieve his dream: Short stories of animals at the pond during Spring. You can have fun finding the animal through the pages against the light: A sweet story of the lifecycle of the rain drops: By the same author of the book above, a story about the lifecycle of the seeds: A book about beetles, from anatomy to what they eat: These are the Spanish version of the well loved books by Yuval Zommer.

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