Recommended Resources

Printing companies:

-Watson Family press 

Print our curriculum with them and get 15% off their printing services with code CMSS15.

-Humble Heart Press

Print our materials with the company Humble Heart Press and get a 10% off your entire order when you include one of our products and apply the code: SIMPLESPANISH



-Fondo de Cultura  Económica


Free Ebooks:

-Free acces to Mexico's public school books app here.

 -Gutenberg project 



-Audio Bible

-Beelinguapp (recommended for students that have been learning Spanish for at least 2-3 years).



-Oh Señor, Tú eres mi Dios (Psalms)

-Cartas León (gospel music)

-Spanish Plus Me (modern short and fun children songs)







Virtual tours:

Frida Kahlo Museum

Cartoon about Frida Kahlo's paintings

Cartoon about various latin american artists

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