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Hello friend!

My name is Sarah Martin, I'm a follower of Jesus and a thankful wife and homeschooling momma. I was born and raised in Mexico until I met my godly husband and moved to his country (United States) in 2016. I have always had a love for teaching kids. I have taught Bible, music, dance, English and math in Mexico and India, and I now homeschool in the US. Spanish has always been one of my favorite subjects. I have won contests for grammar, poetry recitals and children's story writing. I went to college in Mexico for graphic design and worked as a designer and translator for many years. CMSL combines my passion for teaching kids and my love for the Spanish language, graphic design, translations and the Charlotte Mason philosophy. 

I was raised in Spanish but have been learning English as a second language since I was 5 years old. And that is why I can relate to what kind of lessons a child can love and be positively affected by through bilingual adulthood. 

I teach my kids English as their first language, Spanish as their second and gently teach French as their third. As of March of 2024, My 6-year-old can understand 90% of what me and my Mexican family speak to her in Spanish and speak at an intermediate level, She can also read simple Spanish (although I haven't intentionally taught her, Spanish is so phonetic that you won't need to teach reading!). My 4 year old can understands about 50% of spoken Spanish, and can talk at a beginners level. And my 11 months old can understand "Hola" (hello) and wave at you. All of this has been the result of imperfectly using the CM Simple Languages program and interaction with family. So I can say, it works!

I met Carrie Naglak and other sweet homeschooling parents that I have worked with through this curriculum. And I'm SO thankful for them! We are all bilingual and complement each other perfectly for this exciting curriculum journey.

Carrie Naglak loves Jesus, her family, books, cooking and curriculum! She was homeschooled growing up on the mission field in Mexico City, taught public school in Idaho and now homeschools her own kids in Missouri. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education and M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction and has written math and science curriculum at the district and state level. Carrie loves finding resources to make learning fun and engaging while mapping curriculum to make it cohesive and coherent. She’s very excited to join CM Simple Spanish to bring Spanish language-learning to more families!


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