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Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish

Name the Animals Audio Cards

Name the Animals Audio Cards

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*This Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish Name the Animal Audio Cards is a digital download.

This digital file includes one card for each letter of the Spanish Alphabet (27) and a page with the animal sentences you will hear on the audios. Audio files are accessed through the QR codes included on each card.

Recommended use:

-Cut and paste each pair of sentences (there's a Spanish sentence and a translation into English for each animal) to the back of the card.

-Scan the code and pause the video (to have it ready).

-Read the sentence in English while acting out the sentences with as many gestures as possible.

-Play the audio while you perform the same gestures as you did with the English.

*After each Spanish sentence you will hear the name of the animal a few times with a pause in between that you can just let your child listen to it so that he gets familiar and recognizes the name.  You can also ask your student to repeat it (and make sure you repeat it as well). According to the Charlotte Mason philosophy, you should not require children that have only studied Spanish for less than 2 years to repeat the words; just let him listen and get familiar with how Spanish sounds and maybe even recognize the Spanish name. If he on his own repeats the name that's great, but don't expect or require that. After your child has learned at least two cards you can ask: "Where is (and the Spanish name of the animal)?" and have him touch the corresponding card.

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