Quick Shopping Guide

This guide can help you decide what program/resources are the most beneficial for your family to start speaking Spanish with Miss Mason method.

-Year 1 Units and Bundle:

The Year 1 Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish Program is best for families with at least one child doing formal studies. You can adjust the learning goals of younger or older children using these suggestions (link to expectations by age).

Year 1 Curriculum – Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish (cmsimplespanish.com)



-Extra-Curricular “No-words” Printables:

These are best for families that only want to learn a little Spanish, that like open-ended curriculum, or that want a little extra activity to supplement this or another Spanish curriculum. 

Printables no words – Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish (cmsimplespanish.com)


-Extracurricular Printables with Words:

These are for  students that can already read (or are learning to read) Spanish. According to the Charlotte Mason method, no print words should be presented to a child until he has learned a language for 2-3 years.

Printables with words – Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish (cmsimplespanish.com)



These provide extra Spanish input in a fun way. Again, these resources are a great addition to this or other Spanish programs. 

Games – Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish (cmsimplespanish.com)


For everybody!!

Freebies – Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish (cmsimplespanish.com)

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