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French Year 1 [BETA version]

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This program is in process of being written by a French native Speaker, Justine Morard and Sarah Martin. 

This is the presale of the Year 1 French program. By buying the presale you help us make this dream come true while you get a beautiful program at a very discounted price.

When you buy this presale, you will receive an email with the link to a shared folder with the units that are currently available and where we will upload all 26 units.

We are working with people from different parts of the world (most of us are homeschoolers or SAHM) and that makes the process of each unit be a little longer that the Spanish program. Therefore, even though our goal is to make one unit per month, and we are working very hard on researching, recording, translating and more, we can't promise the number of units that will be uploaded each month.

This program will have 26 units with the same themes as the Spanish program. There is no translated text, everything is an adaption (what each native say in a given situation) and authentic literature and songs.

The notes, like in the Spanish program, also have cultural insights to learn more about the culture of the language you are learning.

And the cards, like in the Spanish program, will also include the illustrations and QR code to native speaker audio.

Thank you so much for your support!! 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The CMSS team.



 *This Charlotte Mason Simple Languages, French Year 1 Growing Bundle is a digital download.

This is a bundle of all French Year 1 units.

There will be 26 units included in this growing bundle. 


Each unit includes:

-Teacher notes with helpful tips and French culture insights.

-A list of new words covered in that Unit.

-A Unit at a Glance page

-A song suggestion with lyrics in French and English. 

-A poem card of an authentic French poem or part of a poem with the English translation and French native speaker audio.

We have intentionally chosen classic/living literature that was originally written in French. This allows the student access to authentic literature and French speaking culture.

-A Bible verse card with native speaker audio.

-A Gouin Series card with instructions, translation, and a QR code link to native speaker audio.

I wrote some about the Gouin Series on my website, but it basically is a series of sentences describing an action. (Some refer to this as “Total Physical Response.”) These activities will help your child to think in French and not translate everything in his mind. If you speak French, try to do this with other activities throughout the day.

-A French phrase "Challenge" with translation, a QR code link to native speaker audio. These sentences are pieces of a real life conversation between a mother and a child.

The French Challenge will help you practice speaking French more regularly around your home. For example, in Unit 1, I recommend that every member of your family replace “Good morning” with “Bonjour” You can even keep track of how many times each of you uses it correctly and have a contest where the winner may choose a meal, or a park to play at. If you only have little ones that aren’t ready to speak French, then the challenge would be just for you. You will add a little more French to your daily life with these challenges.

-A science poster with translation, a QR code link to native speaker audio.urs

For some families, getting out into nature is more of a challenge, but these activities can still be done at home! Just tell your child you will pretend they see the tree or butterfly etc. in the living room. If you do go on regular nature walks, you can put the poster in your nature journal so that you don’t forget to bring it with you.

 -Cards for a formal study of "Amazing Grace" in French. 

The bundle also includes:

-Formal lessons of 6 poems with all the pictures, QR code links to native speaker audios, translations and instructions.(2 per term)

-Formal lessons of 3 traditional children's songs with pictures and QR codes that link to the native speaker audio. (1 per term)

-Instructions for how to teach the informal activities and the formal lessons.

-Sample schedule for both the informal play based activities and the formal more academic lessons.

-Bonus items like treasure hunts, recipes, and more. 


Return and Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this product we do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges, but please contact me if you have any questions.