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Charlotte Mason Simple Languages

Premium Spanish 1

Premium Spanish 1

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PREMIUM Spanish 1 curriculum in the Charlotte Mason method for foreign language.

Our PREMIUM Spanish 1 is a digital download, meaning you will have immediate access to everything you need sent right to your email. Simply purchase, download, and save the course to your computer or cloud.

Once saved, you can choose to print the materials at home, or have them printed and bound at your local print shop.

What’s Included:

At CM Simple Languages, we want to make foreign language instruction in the Charlotte Mason method as simple as possible! and the premium version makes it even easier and more open-and-go!

We have included everything that will make this possible, requiring minimal preparation (and stress) for you, the teacher/parent.

Here is what you will receive:

1) Teacher Guide of over 150 pages which includes:

 -150 step-by-step detailed short lesson plans for three terms (1 school year). 

 -Scannable native speaker audio tracks for every lesson. And downloadable audio files for those who prefer not to scan codes.

 -Minimal preparation for you, as the Spanish audio tracks TEACH FOR YOU.

2) Student Booklet with 39 pages with pictures to accompany the lessons (conversational phrases, classic poems, authentic children's folk songs).

3) The files of 3 illustrated simple books in Spanish for the classic story's lessons (includes audiobook)

4) Fruits and vegetables store printouts for “pretend play” lessons.

5)Toys store printouts for “pretend play” lessons.

6) End-of-term exam page.


Who is this Premium Simple Spanish 1 For?


Our Premium Simple Spanish 1 program is perfect for beginning Spanish speakers ages 6 and up. But, because it is gentle and easy, it is also perfect for incorporating younger siblings who wish to tag along. 

Premium Spanish 1 is different to Basic Spanish 1 in that the Premium has a slower progression and the audios teach the lessons. Making it perfect for kids (6-year-old+) who have never learned Spanish or know very little, and their parents who prefer that the audio to teach instead of themselves. If you wish to teach the lesson yourself, you can just follow the steps in the teacher's guide.

Feel free to review free samples of each program to see which is the best fit for your family.

See Premium Spanish 1 Sample


This is a digital download; no physical copies will be mailed. 

Due to the nature of this product, we do not accept returns or refunds. But please get in touch with me if you have any questions or problems with your payment.

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