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Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish

Year 2 Term 1

Year 2 Term 1

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We are excited to offer our new Spanish 2 curriculum in the Charlotte Mason method for foreign language.


Our Spanish 2 is a digital download, meaning you will have immediate access to everything you need sent right to your email. Simply purchase, download, and save the course to your computer or cloud.


Once saved, you can choose to print the materials at home, or have them printed and bound at your local print shop.


What’s Included:


At CM Simple Languages, we want to make foreign language instruction in the Charlotte Mason method as simple as possible!


We have included everything that will make this possible, requiring minimal preparation (and stress) for you, the teacher/parent.


Here is what you will receive:

1) Teacher Guide of over 70 pages which includes:

· 50 step-by-step detailed lesson plans for 12 weeks (1 term) of lessons

· Scannable native speaker audio tracks for every lesson

· Scannable native speaker audio tracks for Mexican Bingo (a game to help students practice)

· Minimal preparation for you, as the Spanish audio tracks guide each lesson

2) Student Booklet with pictures to accompany the lessons

3) A story lesson booklet

4) One audio book

5) Mexican restaurant décor and menu print outs to accompany “pretend play” lessons

6) End-of-term exam page


Who is Simple Spanish 2 For?


Our Simple Spanish 2 program is perfect for beginning Spanish speakers ages 6 and up. But, because it is gentle and easy, it is also perfect for incorporating younger siblings who wish to tag along.


Spanish 2 is approximately the same level as our Spanish 1. A new student may begin with Spanish 2 without having to go back to year 1.


Consequently, if you have multiple students, we recommend you combine them for Year 2, rather than having a younger student in Spanish 1 and the elder in Year 2.


Feel free to review free samples of eac9h program to see which is the best fit for your family.


Items Not Included


In Spanish 2, we use Mexican Bingo to give ample fun opportunities to practice and grow vocabulary. While we have included native speaker audio tracks for the game, you will need to purchase Mexican Bingo separately.


However, you may the Mexican Bingo element without hurting the rest of the lessons.

Terms 3 and 3 will be sold separately. 

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